Stop The Itching And Burning Vulva

With Friendlies Sanitary Pad

  • Created to stop the long term health effects caused by regular pads
  • Chlorine free against cancer producing substance
  • Unscented to stop itching and burning vulva experienced by most women

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The Friendlies Brand Story...

It is no secret that most women are experiencing major health problems which cause sufferings of pain, infertlity and even death in some.

This is due to a multitude of factors. First, women of today are more exposed to deadly substances like never before which a lot are unaware of.

I was taken aback by a report by the World Health Organization I stumbled upon in 2005 which says 80% of women all over the world suffer one form of genital disease or the other.

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Chlorine free sanitary napkins

Pads bleached in chlorine leaves a residual ‘dioxin’ a carcinogenic...


Perfumes in sanitary napkins are a major cause of itching and burning vulva...

Non-recycled raw material

Recycled Materials contain very high levels of micro organisms and bacteria.

Food grade gum

All Friendlies products are biodegradable. Friendly to both human and the enviroment

Chlorine Free and Unscented

Friendlies Anion Sanitary Pad

Chlorine in regular pads are known to leave ‘dioxin’ a carcinogenic substance..

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Chlorine Free and Unscented

Friendlies Classics Sanitary Pad

Our pads are created to be human friendly with biodegradable products

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What Kind of Women Use Friendlies?

Women who are well informed and are conscious about their health

Women who value substance over form

Women who have love for self and humanity

Women who value the health of their female child

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What People Say About Friendlies Pad

  • I stopped itching during my period since I started using Friendlies Sanitary Pad. I feel so different and refreshed anytime I use it compared to my experience with the other brands I was used to.

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